Comprehensive solutions
for every stage of life



We are committed to all our stakeholders, always seeking to generate added value. Our daily relationships are based on transparency, modesty and honesty.


Trust among stakeholders is very important to us. Our core value is to provide product and service quality and business reliability. It is also our basic principle to be fair to our employees and to trust each other.


We are open to an innovative and solution-oriented change. Our goal is to evaluate opportunities in current and different sectors, and to meet expectations beyond what is expected.


Our commitment to excellence, seriousness, effort and continuous improvement are the basis for innovation, which is key to ensuring the sustainable development of our group and society. We leverage innovation to consolidate our position as a competitive company in a solid and constant growth.


Trust is the basis of daily activities between the group and the customers with whom it interacts: employees, shareholders, distributors, suppliers, customers, management and society in general. Communication, integrity and respect are fundamental to generate this trust.

Business Units

Funeral Benefits
Services Unit
Real Estate Developments
Housing Solutions Unit


To provide integral solutions to our customers and business partners through the application of
new administrative technologies in the processes carried out in the different units.


Through excellence, we form teams of highly competent professionals with a high level of
commitment and who are oriented to lead in the areas in which we participate, specializing in
the creation of added values for clients.

Partner companies


With MONTECRISTO SOCIAL SERVICES as our standard of service quality centralized in the city of Córdoba Capital - Argentina, we started this business unit focused on providing our clients with advice, services and support in sensitive stages of life such as death and transition post mortem of a loved one, all this through strategic alliances with national providers of the highest level. Thanks to the commercial and performance success of Montecristo, we have joined forces with sister companies located throughout the country, in order to be able to take our solutions nationwide.

With a logistical and operational base in the city of Córdoba, its main role is to provide administrative, logistical and operational support; Considered as the main provider of funeral services for the rest of our commercial allies within the corresponding business unit.

Strategically located in the Capital City of Córdoba, it is our main commercial ally in the presentation, distribution and positioning in the entire central region of the country.

From the City of Rosario in the province of Santa Fe and through ALMA's team, we are expanding to the north and coast of the country in order to provide high quality services.

With their presence in the area of Puerto Madero, in the City of Buenos Aires, our capital city allies open the doors to a competitive market in one of the most densely populated and cosmopolitan regions of the country.

Partner companies


Under the ideal of being able to provide tangible solutions to a growing need, the Real Estate Developments and Housing Solutions unit of Grupo Northstar was born with a defined focus on providing personalized opportunities to all those visionaries who find their future in Argentina. With the southeast of the province of Córdoba as the spearhead in the development of residential complexes with various types of housing and accompanied by a series of lots under construction in different towns in the Cordoba mountains with labor, materials and national technology, belonging to our commercial allies and sister companies, we begin a path full of opportunities.

Starting with traditional construction, NICOLED DESARROLLOS offers housing solutions with different typologies set in dreamy landscapes in the Cordoba mountains and hills, as well as in different parts of the province and the country.

With its slogan Todo para Construcciones (Everything for Construction), BLOCKSTORE provides with talent, materials, tools and other in-house and outsourced supplies that may be necessary in the development and implementation of housing solutions.